Moving from problem to prototype through the 4D cycle.

Building redemptive technology together.

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FaithTech Create is an expression of the FaithTech Labs Program. It's a biblically-rooted way of building solutions to kingdom problems as we follow the FaithTech Redemptive Technology cycle together.

Join in your city or online, as FaithTech teams from across the world create redemptive technology.

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The 4D Cycle

A Framework for Building Redemptive Tech

Are you passionate to practice a biblically-based way of building technology in community?

The four-week program will be punctuated by a weekly meetup (in your city or online) where we unpack the relevant stage of the 4D cycle.

Each element of teaching will be accompanied by tools to help you and your team build a redemptive solution together.

To get ahead of the game, download a copy of the FaithTech Playbook by clicking below.

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Is this in-person or online?

You can join online or in your city! Both options will involve the same teaching and tools to help you get from problem to prototype. Once you're part of a community you can join a project to move through the 4D cycle together.

I'm in! What's the time commitment?

Each element of the 4D cycle will include around 1 hour of teaching (online or in-person in your city), and time for workshopping the relevant tool for the challenge you'd like to solve (around 1 hour more). Between your community meetups, you will want to engage with your team and continue to build, and this will vary dependent on your role in the team, and the stage of the cycle you are completing. We estimate between 2 and 5 hours per week on these elements.

What happens at a community meet-up?

At the weekly meet-up there will be teaching on the specific development stage for your project, and you'll receive tools to use to help get from one stage to the next. There'll also be opportunities to share progress and help find solutions with the rest of the group. In the time between the meet-ups, your team can work to a pace and rhythm that suits you.

What happens once we create a prototype?

There are a number of options - FaithTech is focussed on community, so we always hope that your connection with the team and the city grow from here. There will be options to continue your project, explore hand-off options, or even get startup training from a partner organization.

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